CYRUSS - Stoner / Sludge / Hardcore - Zombies aus Wien

Hate Dies Last / From Vienna With Hate - neues Album auf Vinyl, neues Video, Albumreleaseshow

Neues Album 3färbiges Vinyl limitiert auf 205 Stück & digital: Hate Dies Last

Neues Video zum Albumtrack „From Vienna With Hate“ out NOW:

Originally this band disbanded many years ago. Since 2017 we have played some occasional gigs on a very rare basis. But during the Covid pandemic we developed a massive bore-out and decided to produce one last record. It consists of 5 old songs we had originally never recorded and which we refined a bit. And: One newly written track especially for this record. And that’s the song to this video: From Vienna With Hate. It shows we wouldn’t be a Stoner band anymore nowadays. Lyrically it draws a big influence from Billy Bragg’s “The World Turned Upside Down”. Enjoy!

Albumreleaseparty Freitag, 23.6., LINZ, „kapu“